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Spring in New England is unpredictable, but one thing that is predictable is my tradition of developing and refining a new recipe every spring. Something about the weather, greening grass, and flowers gets me thinking creatively about my beer. This spring is no different. New England Spring Saison is this year’s foray into the new. It begins with a typical Saison malt bill which is then fermented with standard High Gravity yeast. However, I’ve been experimenting with new hops over the winter which lead to some mediocre beers, but a lot of info on hop character and usage guidelines. The latest conscription to my hop cooler is Caliente. Loads of peach and nectarine aroma with very subtle bitterness. In to the whirlpool you go! It will join Hallertau, Citra, and Amarillo for what I hope to be a Saison with some excellent hop character.

I have also been messing around with Jarrylo a bit. Another hop that has arrived on the scene recently. Pear and spice predominate this one, with a little banana. A great Hefe hop for the fermenter. But that is for another day! Happy Spring all.