17 years ago I was given a small home brewing kit.  After a couple years of standing around the kitchen stove, hands sticky with DME, and what felt like miles of tubing, I moved my operation to a propane burner on the back stoop. At the time I was living in Portland Oregon, and brewing outside was a year round affair. Even on the worst days, you could stay out of the rain, and the temps were not too cold to stand over a boiling keggle. Moving East changed that a bit. Out here, the winters are a bit harsh for even garage brewing in the winter months. A few years ago, tired of going months without brewing, I moved my system from propane to electricity. This allowed me to upgrade everything, not only in location, but also in quantity. I am now brewing in a 1/2 barrel all electric “test kitchen”. I have been fine tuning my recipes using the superior temperature control of this new system, as well as modifying my ingredients to be more scalable.

Recently, over a few beers, a friend suggested I talk to a brewer he knew to take a few of my beer commercial. The brewer agreed, and I began the process of ramping up a business. That was about a year ago. After a couple hiccups in the process, it seems we are on track. With a recent infusion of cash to compensate for the hiccups, we now have the funding to move forward on the branding, web presence, and 1st batch ingredients. Let’s Brew!