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New (to me) Glycol chiller

Picked up a used chiller from a local breery to add some better temp control to my brews.

Homebrew for now

So, a lot comes into your mind as you plan to move from homebrewing to pro-brewing. As a Husband and Father, that is mostly taken up by “can I support my life on a startup salary in brewing. For me, that answer was no. I had the full support of my family in the endeavor, so much that I was giving it serious thought and planning, but in the end I decided to stick with hobbyist….for the time being :-). I’ll try to be more active here in the future as this transitions to my home brewing adventures blog rather than a company and can provide more updates as I am always brewing.

Planning complete…Now..Implement?

So all the planning and documentation is complete. Research and recipe development completed as well. The question I have been mulling over since last summer is, do I actually pull the trigger, and if so, when. It is a lot harder to give up a highly lucrative job in IT for brewing, especially with a young family to support. The mulling continues.

Spring brings new recipes

16 - 1

Spring in New England is unpredictable, but one thing that is predictable is my tradition of developing and refining a new recipe every spring. Something about the weather, greening grass, and flowers gets me thinking creatively about my beer. This spring is no different. New England Spring Saison is this year’s foray into the new. It begins with a typical Saison malt bill which is then fermented with standard High Gravity yeast. However, I’ve been experimenting with new hops over the winter which lead to some mediocre beers, but a lot of info on hop character and usage guidelines. The latest conscription to my hop cooler is Caliente. Loads of peach and nectarine aroma with very subtle bitterness. In to the whirlpool you go! It will join Hallertau, Citra, and Amarillo for what I hope to be a Saison with some excellent hop character.

I have also been messing around with Jarrylo a bit. Another hop that has arrived on the scene recently. Pear and spice predominate this one, with a little banana. A great Hefe hop for the fermenter. But that is for another day! Happy Spring all.

Big thanks to Garage Brewing Co.


Spent a couple nights with the epically hospitable owners/brewers at Garage Brewing Co. In my opinion, the finest IPA brewers in Catalonia. Well done!

Recipe Finalization (copy from old site)


Enjoying some inspiration while putting the final touches on the Wheat IPA.

Barcelona Bound

Making a lot of friends here in Barcelona. Amazing how far the craft beer movement has travelled in a few short years. A proliferation of Australian and American hops have fueled a revolution. Wall to wall young 20-somethings drinking Rye IPAs and citrusy Saisons by the barrel. I am very, very encouraged by the level of collaboration here. Many of the elite American breweries are investing in this method of expanding market share without messy distro costs. BRILLIANT!

A Fresh Start

We experienced some legal difficulties around our former trademark, which lead to considerable delays in our plans to begin making beer. However, we have reset, and begun to move forward with a new brand. Hopefully this one will not garner as much attention from attorneys at law. A rose by any other name is the feeling around here, so full speed ahead. I’m not going to promise anything, but the hope is to have a beer out in the Hartford CT. and Acton MA areas in the spring. Fingers crossed.